Bella Packages

March 25, 2008

Well, after much brainstorming & what seems to be the perfect “bella” combination – I’ve teamed up with Bella Day Spa to offer some really awesome packages!  It’s now official!  Information will be going out on the website soon, so definitely keep checking because there will probably be a lot of really awesome packages out of this “partnership”.

Of course, we will offer the usual – bridal, engagement & wedding packages: photography packages can be tailored to include hair & makeup for the bride or the whole bridal party.  Get deluxe salon service in their spa or on location for your wedding!  Either way, Bella Vita Photography (yes, MOI!) will be along to document it every step of the way!

But, aside from those obvious wedding & bridal packages, we’ve got some other really cool stuff we’ll be doing.  Marty from Bella Day Spa & his awesome staff were able to help come up with some awesome ideas.

First and foremost: Maternity & “New Mom” packages.  At the end of a long (and usually HOT) pregnancy, come and indulge in a much deserved full day or half day spa treatment, the perfect way to pamper before in-studio Maternity 0r New Mom & Baby portraits!  I’m really excited – I know I spent many a countless hours getting pedicures & only WISH I’d have thought to splurge on a pampering spa package to prepare for my maternity pictures. Everyone talks about that “pregnancy glow” but this would put some REAL glow on any pregnant mamma & have her looking & feeling her best for once in a lifetime pictures.  These are some of my FAVORITE to do aside from newborn shots, so these are what I’m MOST excited about!

So – if you know a mom who is about to have a baby or just had a baby – I can guarantee you she deserves a day of pampering & its just a perfect perfect way to combine a relaxing day with some great pictures.  And because Bella Day Spa is letting me set up shop right there it doesn’t get any more convenient.  Of course, both locations are on or near the water, so were just two steps away from sunset beach pictures overlooking the water!

Finally, we’ll also be offering similar all-inclusive packages for prom, senior portraits, and even some sexy “Support The Troops” packages.  And of course, those super special holidays like Mothers Day we’ll offer some packages that are really awesome.  Some folks were comparing them to glamour shots, but these blow glamour shots out of the water!

So – thats my most recent big news!  I’m pretty excited & hopefully we’ll have the word really spreading around soon!


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