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World’s Greatest Baby Shower

May 30, 2008

Just last night we attended the World’s Greatest Baby Shower & what a BLAST we had! Bad, Bad Photographer, I didn’t get ANY pictures of our booth or of all the hard work we put into it, but that’s ok because we were absolutely slammed most of the night taking belly pics of moms! Luckily, I love pregnant bellies, cause I sure got to see a whole lot of them last night! Big, small, you name it. One really really freaky thing though – I bet 90% of them were having boys! I bet for an hour STRAIGHT we didn’t put away the “Baby Boy” ribbon! But, we also got some babies through there too & got to take some really cute pictures of them too! We had a great time, got to see a lot of other folks like the nurses from Dr. Hennessy’s office, Dr. Stoneking, Dr. Sarah Leatherman, and of course all the great folks from Healthy Start who put on the great show.
BY THE WAY – GREAT improvement from last year! The layout was so much easier for mom’s to navigate through. And I definitely think that the whole “photo booth” concept is here to stay for the World’s Greatest Baby Shower. Its a great fun thing for the moms, and I don’t have to stand around all night chit chatting, I get to move around & do what I love to do – TAKE PICTURES!

Speaking of pictures – the shots will be up soon – VERY SOON! So any ladies that are looking for their pictures, hopefully they’ll be up by Sunday evening. Keep an eye out & post a shout out here if you’d like!


Keri & Brad

May 20, 2008

I had such a great time shooting this wedding.  As it turns out, although we didn’t know it to begin with, it was one of those friend of a friend of a friend (or more like, friend of a friend of a cousin).

Keri & Brad tied the knot on May 10th and had such an awesome time.  I have to say, my favorite part was their dance to “I’m Still A Man”.

So… here is the sneak preview of the wedding pictures… more to come!

The violinist – she was awesome!

The Groom & his guys…

Ahh, the Bride & Groom (She got him!)

More to come, I really want to show the boat!


Baby & Child Portrait Contest!

May 9, 2008

I’m sending out a newsletter, but this is just to let everyone ELSE in the world know!

I’ve decided to take on a limited number of portrait sessions to submit in the 2008 Miller’s Baby & Child Portrait contest. The rules are pretty simple & the prizes are pretty sweet! So all of you that have spawned some cute little kids, nows the time to get the portraits you’ve all been putting off! Those little cuties could be worth up to $5,000! (I’ve been telling mine for some time now they need to get a job! I guess this is it!).

Only one picture from each session can be included (those aren’t MY rules, that’s THEIRS!), so if you want more than one submitted, then go ahead and book more than one! But just keep in mind, I am limiting my sessions pretty strictly because of the submission deadlines!

So – you want more details? The down & dirty is this: there are 4 categories: Color, Black & White/Sepia, Special Needs, and Humorous. There are two submission deadlines left: May 21 and June 21. So that means my last session I take will probably be June 15. Currently I’m only booking evenings & weekends, but don’t worry – I am taking them in my house, or at yours with my portable studio set up, and also on location (you pick the place!). We’re fortunate enough to live in one of the most beautiful places on the Earth, so I say we take advantage of that for this!

And finally, I’m offering special sessions for $75 (usually $100). In addition you get 10% off your prints (online ordering & viewing of course available), and a free storyboard/collage design using the photos from our session! Things are booking up quick, though, and I am ONLY going to allow a set number of sessions! I cannot stress this enough! So let’s get this thing rolling, shall we?!

(and for the official low down, visit Miller’s.)


Lynda & Washington

May 6, 2008

So I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve got good reason! I’ve been so busy I can’t see straight! Between soccer leagues, tournaments, weddings, and babies I’ve got my hands (and my CF cards) full!

So… here are some long overdue pictures from a recent wedding. I got to go out to Destin April 19th to shoot this wedding. It was one of the best times I’d had in a while, and it was a GREAT break from shooting tournament photos of sweaty boys! (ew!)

Anyways, Lynda & Washington were a lot of fun. Lynda & her family were blessed with some good genes, lucky for me & my camera. Seldom do I get to just have fun on my side of the camera with people who pose effortlessly! Her family was gorgeous as you can see, and the beach was absolutely perfect that day!

The daughter of the bride, she had such natural sass & posing!

(Now isnt that a GORGEOUS Gown… I so wish Id had a champagne wedding dress!)

I just wanted to cuddle this little cutie all night long! (And she came right to me!!!)

There was seriously not a dry eye on the beach!

Coming soon… little Hayden Jones & the crab on the beach (boy have we got some stories from that photo shoot!), and little Mrs. Rebecca in the rain with the train (who knew I could rhyme!?).