World’s Greatest Baby Shower

May 30, 2008

Just last night we attended the World’s Greatest Baby Shower & what a BLAST we had! Bad, Bad Photographer, I didn’t get ANY pictures of our booth or of all the hard work we put into it, but that’s ok because we were absolutely slammed most of the night taking belly pics of moms! Luckily, I love pregnant bellies, cause I sure got to see a whole lot of them last night! Big, small, you name it. One really really freaky thing though – I bet 90% of them were having boys! I bet for an hour STRAIGHT we didn’t put away the “Baby Boy” ribbon! But, we also got some babies through there too & got to take some really cute pictures of them too! We had a great time, got to see a lot of other folks like the nurses from Dr. Hennessy’s office, Dr. Stoneking, Dr. Sarah Leatherman, and of course all the great folks from Healthy Start who put on the great show.
BY THE WAY – GREAT improvement from last year! The layout was so much easier for mom’s to navigate through. And I definitely think that the whole “photo booth” concept is here to stay for the World’s Greatest Baby Shower. Its a great fun thing for the moms, and I don’t have to stand around all night chit chatting, I get to move around & do what I love to do – TAKE PICTURES!

Speaking of pictures – the shots will be up soon – VERY SOON! So any ladies that are looking for their pictures, hopefully they’ll be up by Sunday evening. Keep an eye out & post a shout out here if you’d like!


One comment

  1. I attended the World’s Greatest Baby Shower, & anxious to see my photos.. When do you think they will be up? Will they be on your site, or on the blog? I’m thinking the blog, but I’m not sure, so that’s why I’m asking.

    By the way, you are a wonderful photographer. My husband & I were looking at your photography the other, & they are wonderful photos.

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