FREE cloth diapers

July 1, 2008

Ok, so I desperatly need to update with my most recent sessions, but since I’m slaving away with Photoshop at the moment, I figured I could at LEAST post this!

As a cloth diaper junkie, this really screamed my name! I remember the day when I gawked at the thought of cloth diapers – after all cloth diapers sent visions of being slave to the washing machine (which is FAR too domesticated for me), or visions of my grandma, not my idea of hip stylish new age artsy mom (that I try so hard to be lol). BUT, as it turns out, cloth diapers really are the new posh stylish “thing to do”. I mean, who can resist matching diapers to your baby’s clothes in cool hip patterns & colors? When I stumbled upon cloth diapers I was really surprised to find out the things come in fabrics like Plush, Minky, microfiber, fleece, etc. And in totally cool designs. So… between that and my obsession with numbers (and hence, budgeting), Cloth Diapering is like an addiction!

And – so here it is – a chance to win FREE cloth diapers. Now I was hesitant to post this – because if I introduce you to the world of cloth diapers & you enter, then it lessens my chance? Ah, but no – I get an extra entry for posting it here lol. So – I’ll take my chances and let my secret out – we’re cloth diaper junkies & I make it my mission to convert!

So – enter to win HERE and you could win a Bum Genius 3.0 Starter Kit from Nature’s Child – Wholesome Goods for Mothers and Babies.


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