The Bakers – A “Celebrating Adoption” Session

July 12, 2008

I recently got the chance to head out to the community of Seaside out past Destin, FL. for an awesome portrait/photography session. Let me tell you – Seaside is beautiful, albeit crowded! I remember travelling out to Seaside quite often growing up when it was still blooming… my how it has changed. Ok, ok, enough reminiscing!

First a pic of the beautiful beaches of Seaside, clearly showing how we got nicknamed “The Emerald Coast”:

Now, for the Bakers. First let me say that Habi is truly a special little guy. He melted my heart within minutes, hes got a firecracker personality, and he definitely ranks in the top 5 of my most favorite people! He was adopted from Africa only a short 3 months ago, but he stunned me with his vocabulary & smarts. For only 3 short months, hes picked up so many words & so much of the American Culture (as you’ll see!), it was just amazing & a beautiful reminder of how resiliant children are, and how we don’t give them nearly enough credit!

And of course, his parents & big sis were awesome. You can definitely see the bond. The Bakers got married here at Seaside, so this was especially sentimental to them!

What a cool dad – Shake & Bake!

Habi definitely loves his mommy & he means the world to her…

My mommy loves me THIS much…

One of my personal favorites, “Peace Dog”…

Only one more, I’m having trouble picking just a few faves!

Ok, thats all the sneak peek for today! More from my other sessions soon!


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