A new little bella blog!

August 12, 2008

No – we’re not going anywhere! God knows, we’ve just got on our feet good with the server switching, updating the website, and updating the blog & giving them all a makeover. But since I must be in a makeover kind of mood, I’m also dusting off my personal blog & I’m going to actually start using it (ah, such a novel concept!).

So – if you get extremely bored, and/or want a peek into my chaotic personal life (it’s really not too chaotic to me, just to everyone else lol), OR if you want to learn how to be super super frugal – check it out. It started off as my “frugalness” blog – but although my frugalness & obsession with budgeting continues & will likely live on forever… there’s really only so much you can post about it!

You’ll still get all kinds of frugal tips & tricks, but with the added bonus of seeing & hearing about my crazy kids!

So – here you go… proceed with caution at your own risk… My Private Life as the Budget Chick. Don’t worry, it’s not prettied up yet, but we’re getting there!  Like all things, slowly but surely!


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