Senior Portrait Rep Cards & Announcements!

August 21, 2008

These Senior Rep Cards are HOT HOT HOT! I know a lot of folks know about them already, but a lot of folks don’t. These are awesome handy little cards for seniors to hand out. BEST yet, hand them out to your friends & when they book a session, and bring in your card, you get 8 free wallets!

Here are some of the styles I offer:

And as you can see, the colors can be changed!

and more color changes…

And finally, the last one…

As you can see, these are really hot, and fully customizable. Put your graduating class on there, contact information to stay in touch with all your friends when you go your separate ways for college, and show off your best pictures! They’re business card sized, so they fit perfectly in your wallet or pocket, and are easy to hand out anytime anywhere!

And better yet, these same designs are available in cards that can be used as graduation announcements or invitations.  Yes, it seems like a long ways off, but it’s just around the corner.  Book your session now, get Rep cards now, and then get matching (or contrasting!) Graduation Announcements & Invites!  Stray from the boring plain invites that EVERYONE else uses, and get something that will really be unique, catch everyone’s eyes, and really make yours stand out.

If you’re interested – call now to book your senior portrait session! It’s not too late, but sessions & weekends are booking up fast!


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