Tuggle-Harris Wedding

August 30, 2008

This is a very very small sneak preview – I normally don’t get these up & to preview this quickly, but I also don’t normally get home this early either!  This wedding was today in Crestview at the First Baptist Church and it was absolutely beautiful!  Samantha was absolutely STUNNING (albeit nervous!).  Really, though – she was a gorgeous bride.  This is one of the first weddings I’ve really cried at in a while!  Casey, from Felicity Flair, was the wedding coordinator & really did a great job pulling everything together & helping keep everyone on track.  And of course she did an awesome job decorating to make it beautiful!

Anyways – it was a ton of fun… Chris & Samantha are apparantly high school sweethearts, and they have a really fun group of friends.  Her mom was a riot, but Little Kylie (hope I’m spelling it right) was the star of the reception with her “Apple Bottom Jeans” dance.  Here is Ms. Shorty herself, the whole place was looking at her…

she hit the floor…

and next thing you know…

shorty got “low, low, low, low”.

Anyways – here are just a few of the Bride & Groom, Samantha & Chris:

Ok – so more are coming soon, stay tuned!!!



  1. Great photos!! I really love them all!! Kylee is amazing & the golf course pictures are wonderful!!

  2. Thank you for the preview. I am the brides oldest sister and was unable to attend the wedding. You did a great job on the pictures and Samantha looked so beautiful!!!!!!!!

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