Mike & Jennifer’s Engagement

October 30, 2008

I love doing engagement shoots.  Perhaps even more than weddings.  I love the fast upbeat pace of a wedding, but I especially love watching the early romance in engagement pictures.  It’s always fun to think back about how *I* was once giddy over my own husband.  Then I come home from the engagement shoot, fondly dreaming of days gone by – to dirty dishes in the sink & 2 screaming kids … ah well – married life (not to discourage anyone lol).

Boy, I always have a tendancy to side-track, don’t I?!  Ok, enough enough.  Jennifer & Mike!  The cutest darn couple!  We had a blast out in Rosemary Beach – another really gorgeous day!  So here’s a sneak peek of their engagement shoot, and again – pardon the plethora of pictures – I had trouble choosing again!  (Click on the flickr Roll to see more!).

I love this picture – I told them to cuddle on the bench like they would at home.  They immediately fell into this pose:

Apparantly, Mike has a weakness (besides Jennifer): his scalp.

And because wherever I go, I somehow manage to get strange animals creeping into my pictures:
(And just wait – there’s more further down!)

And before you think *I’m* the goofy one, apparantly Mike has a creative streak in him!  He proposed with a Ring Pop!  (I find it very sweet, my own husband proposed with a wooden ring before proposing with the real thing!)

My most favoritest hill around, in Alys Beach (Ok, so there aren’t a lot of hills anywhere around, but this one is still fun!):

And finally – “One for the road”…

And yes, I promised one last critter… and here he is:

I love it when I find cool ones, with the pretty pink part!

Ok, that’s enough for now… Until next time!


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