One Shoe

October 31, 2008

This week, I edited pictures from Jen & Mike’s engagement & stumbled across this photo I took at the beach:

Now, you may think I’m slightly off kilter for taking a picture of just a lonely old shoe laying half buried in the sand.  But as it just so happens, this shoe is quite important.  I stumbled across this picture the same week that I received an email from an organization I volunteer with, Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep with a request for stories as they are possibly being featured in Newsweek.  It also comes to me in October, the month I did my first NILMDTS session for a beautiful young couple in Alabama for their precious baby Nathan.  It’s funny how life has a way of bringing things to you in a truly roundabout way.

I found out about NILMDTS through a close friend, who like me – is one of those crazy activist types.  One of my crazy activist obsessions is mothers & babies.  I’ve always taken a keen interest in the unique bond that exists between a mother and her child, and how important and sacred that bond is – it’s the very thing that led me to re-explore photography, and has driven so many of my choices in life, particularly in recent years.  I can’t help but think that what happens between a mother & child and to mothers & children is quite possibly one of the biggest issues in the world, and is responsible in some way shape or form for all things in this world.  I have always held a deep belief that babies need mothers like they need the air they breathe, and that how we bring our children into this world is as important as how we raise our children in this world.  It’s also what caused me to be involved in an organization called BOLD (Birth On Labor Day), which wrapped up just one month before my first NILMDTS last October.  Another odd way of coming full-circle with my own deep rooted passions.

Anyways, I am rambling on about all of this for a reason.  Not only do I think it’s important that I recognize beautiful baby Nathan, who I photographed on the day of his birth, and unfortunately also the day he left Earth, but I also wanted to give my own little recognition to baby Noah.  Not so long ago I photographed baby Noah – also on the day of his birth, which was also the day he left this Earth.  I can’t help but feel a strong tug in my heart for both sets of parents.  And wouldn’t you know, Noah’s daddy is a photographer.  His parents are those cool, eclectic parents we all wish we had growing up.  They lost nearly everything in Ivan, and through a series of events, ended up travelling the country in a motorhome, taking pictures of old lonely shoes.  Ok, so it’s really much more than that, and he explains it much more eloquently HERE, at his website called The One Shoe Diaries.  He also has a book, which is out & which I keep meaning to buy.  He also keeps a blog, much more faithfully than myself.  So if you’re ever looking for a place to read, and can’t rely on me to get with the program, check him out!  I’m adding him to my blogroll so you can always find him!  Anyways, it’s really neat, and now I find myself seeing lone shoes everywhere, although I never seemed to remember seeing them before.  Or perhaps I just never noticed.  It’s quite a phenomenon though!

So anyways – there’s my conribution to the One Shoe Diaries.  Ok, probably not *really* a contribution, but I will submit the image (they have a place where you can submit one by the way).

So this month, October (which is nearly over, my goodness!), is quite a month for me.  The birth of my daughter in ’06, the wrap up of BOLD in ’07, my first NILMDTS session in ’07, and here I am with the news of the Newsweek publication, and this picture of a lone shoe, reminding me very powerfully of little baby Noah and Nathan.

Bless you, Noah & Nathan… those small footprints of yours left big impressions on this world 🙂


One comment

  1. Tears running down my face…your truly are a blessed soul! Love that the shoe found you and you obediently snapped the shot.

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