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Take note!

November 23, 2008

I will likely be out of town at least part of the upcoming Holiday week (for Thanksgiving).
I WILL be working on editing, of course, but I likely won’t be immediately returning calls or emails unless it’s really really urgent (and I can’t imagine too many urgent messages about photographs, but anything is possible).

So just to let you know – if you’re patiently (or anxiously!) awaiting a gallery to go up, and it’s not up by Tuesday, it will almost certainly be up by next Sunday.  Yes, I know… I’m a little behind & catching up, but although I’ll be editing photos all week, I won’t have an internet connection to upload the photos!  So rest assured, nearly everyone should be all caught up by Sunday following Thanksgiving!  I’ll be getting as many as humanly possible up before then, of course.

So – take care, eat turkey, and enjoy the break!



Maitlin’s Bridal Shoot!

November 23, 2008

This was an awesome bridal shoot!  It was my first time shooting a bridal session at this particular spot, but I’m so glad I did!  I think it worked perfectly for Maitlyn’s look & style.  She was a lot of fun, and luckily her mom & her brother’s girlfriend came along – they were a huge help & gave me that extra set of eyes for all the details that every photographer needs!  By the end of the shoot I was ready to put them on the payroll!  So a big “YEAH!” for detail oriented helpers… errr… I mean Moms!

Anyways – the wedding is just around the corner, so here’s a little sneak peek at the beautiful bride!

First, a little showcase of Maitlin – we did this little game that I often do at bridal shoots (well, shoots of all kinds, really)… and here is a fun little sequence we got out of it:

Check out the beautiful view… Maitlyn with the lake on the other side…

One thing I absolutely loved… she’s one of those people that totally smiles with her eyes!

And check this out… just as we approached the train tracks… a train came up…

And last, but not least…



November 17, 2008

Christmas is nearly here!  And just in time for Christmas we have… ta-daaaaaaa… Christmas cards!

Unfortunately, nearly all my dates are full between now & the deadline to order Christmas cards… but I am going to offer a special “Christmas Portrait” session – a “quickie” session, either color or B&W – just one setting, no clothing changes, for the sole purpose of Christmas cards.  Sessions are limited, so if you need one – get in now!

Cards come in packages of 25, and start at $50/set.  Of course, the more you buy, the more the prices go down.  Currently, until December 1st, if you place your order now, you get 50 cards for $85, and if you buy 75 cards for $150, you get an additional 25 for free – so 100 cards for $150!

And for a VERY limited time – I am stressing VERY limited time! – you get a FREE quickie Christmas sitting with your order!  This is a no travel special – so you must be willing to come my way, and times will be limited.  So if you need a family Christmas shot, and you want it FO’ FREE – and you’re willing to make it quick, then call or email ASAP.  You pick out the template, we set up the date/time, and they will be ready to proof in shorter than usual times – you’ll get 3 – 5 poses to choose from & your order will be placed ASAP.

Speaking of templates, here are a sampling of the Christmas card templates:

(I know these aren’t huge samples, but there’s not enough space to load them all.)

If you’d like to see a more complete collection – hold on, I’ll have a link for you soon!


Logans Senior Portraits – Tempus Fugit

November 15, 2008

Tempus Fugit is lating for “Time Flees” or “Time Flies”.  How appropriate for Senior Portraits, that it creeped up into the background of some of our pics!

Anyways, this is Logan’s Senior Year – and he was a lot of fun to shoot with.  It was nice that I had the chance to meet him already when I shot his nephew Tae a few months back.

Anyways, here is a little sneak peek of his senior portrait shoot, starting with my favorite – him with his new car!

And here we go, Time Flies!  I saw this wall on my way to the beach to meet Logan & his family.  I just noticed it was a cool wall, and luckily they were up for trying it!  Well… as it turns out, not only did it have the whole “Time Flies/Tempus Fugit” written on it, but it also was a Native American Indian theme – and it turns out Logan has a lot of Native American Indian in him!

These two are probably my other two favorites:

And finally – with the Indian Mural:

Stay tuned for more sneak previews!


Cailee & Daniel Happeny

November 13, 2008

Ok, I’m resisting the urge to be nerdy & title this “Happeny Ever After” – and obviously I’m sticking it in here regardless.  Don’t worry, I won’t quit my day job & go heading for a comedy gig any time soon 😉

Anyways – if any of these folks look vaguely familiar, it’s not a case of deja’vu – it’s simply yet another family wedding!  So again, if there are more pics than usual – well, I already am indecisive and when it comes to the family, well I really can’t choose my favorites!

Aside from the fact that I grew up spending a lot of time with these particular cousins, Cailee is especially close to us having lived with us for a year until sometime in the past year or so.  Her & Daniel are really close to my littlest – Azlin, and she is especially sad to see her “Kay-Kay” go.

Cailee’s dress overlooking the water, what an awesome view huh?!

Azlin’s dress for her big debut as Flower Girl

Azlin getting prettied up by Aunt Corbi:

Cailee getting all prettied up, Maybe it’s Maybelline?
(See… I just can’t help myself lol)

I love this picture, I walked in the room & they were already looking out the window, unprompted.  It nearly made me tear up!  But this really shows her close relationship with Azlin.
This is perhaps my favorite picture, and for sure the one I’ll be hanging in my house:

And here’s my indecisiveness showing again:

Now, if it seems like there’s a lot of Azlin, thats because Azlin wouldn’t leave Cailee’s side… I swear Cailee is like a second mom to her!

Well… except when she was with Daniel:

A perfect day:

And this is what flower girls are for:

This was the flower girl figuring out how she could get creative on the aisle:

The Ring Bearer, my other child:

This isn’t one you see often, so I thought I’d post it – the mother & father of the bride:

Another little guest:

And… The End.


Ashley & Jonathan

November 2, 2008

So this wedding I was both a guest & a photographer!  That’s because Jonathan (better known as just “Jon” to everyone outside his family), is my cousin!  So this was actually a lot of fun, especially considering all our crazy family gathered in one spot, which usually only happens at Thanksgiving.  So gathering together without a Turkey is always a special occasion.

And – better yet, this was truly a “Family Affair”.  I photographed, our aunt Pat coordinated, and another new addition to our family, Jenna (our cousin Marty’s new wife), ended up unexpectedly being the Florist.  Luckily, she plays a Florist in real life too!  It was a good thing we had her on hand, she travelled down from Phenix City, AL. and used her Floral Arranging skills to fix up a bouquet at the last minute when the original bouquet turned out not to be quite the one Ashley had picked out! (By the way, if you’re ever in Phenix City & need flowers – look her up at The Perfect Petal!).

Ok, on with the preview!

Starting with… those Perfect Petals:

The crew… Little Marty, his wife Jenna, and Jonathan:

More family:

Now, I know these are more pics than I usually post in a preview, but it’s family… what can I say?!

Now… here are some folks getting caught red-handed!

Including a certain unnamed photographer:

Ok, that’s all for now… Congrats Jonathan & Ashley!


Jennifer & David

November 2, 2008

I really loved this wedding.  So often it is all too easy to get caught up in the details & planning that so many couples lose sight of what they’ve really come together that day to do – leave their families & create their own.  I, myself, included (on my wedding day).  The greatest thing about this wedding wasn’t the beautifully decorated reception, the elegantly draped & transformed chapel, the awesomely catered food, or the carefully handpicked centerpieces… but instead it was the overwhelming flow of emotions & heartfelt joining of two people.

Jennifer & David both were totally awesome, and their families really understand the meaning of family.  The mother of the bride decorated & orchestrated the entire event with the help of her best friend, really outdoing what I’ve seen even by some of the best wedding coordinators!  And then, the reception focused so clearly on the love each family had for their child, and joining Jennifer & David as a family.  All of these pictures are taken at Indian Bayou’s Golf Club, by the way!  It really is a beautiful location!

So – here are some pictures from their day…

Check it out – A star in the sky!

See what I mean about how awesome of a job the mother of the bride did?!

And this is truly a Daddy’s Girl…

That’s all for now, but be on the lookout for a sneak preview of the Bridal Shoot, which we did just this past weekend as a Post wedding Bridal Shoot!