Ashley & Jonathan

November 2, 2008

So this wedding I was both a guest & a photographer!  That’s because Jonathan (better known as just “Jon” to everyone outside his family), is my cousin!  So this was actually a lot of fun, especially considering all our crazy family gathered in one spot, which usually only happens at Thanksgiving.  So gathering together without a Turkey is always a special occasion.

And – better yet, this was truly a “Family Affair”.  I photographed, our aunt Pat coordinated, and another new addition to our family, Jenna (our cousin Marty’s new wife), ended up unexpectedly being the Florist.  Luckily, she plays a Florist in real life too!  It was a good thing we had her on hand, she travelled down from Phenix City, AL. and used her Floral Arranging skills to fix up a bouquet at the last minute when the original bouquet turned out not to be quite the one Ashley had picked out! (By the way, if you’re ever in Phenix City & need flowers – look her up at The Perfect Petal!).

Ok, on with the preview!

Starting with… those Perfect Petals:

The crew… Little Marty, his wife Jenna, and Jonathan:

More family:

Now, I know these are more pics than I usually post in a preview, but it’s family… what can I say?!

Now… here are some folks getting caught red-handed!

Including a certain unnamed photographer:

Ok, that’s all for now… Congrats Jonathan & Ashley!


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