Cailee & Daniel Happeny

November 13, 2008

Ok, I’m resisting the urge to be nerdy & title this “Happeny Ever After” – and obviously I’m sticking it in here regardless.  Don’t worry, I won’t quit my day job & go heading for a comedy gig any time soon 😉

Anyways – if any of these folks look vaguely familiar, it’s not a case of deja’vu – it’s simply yet another family wedding!  So again, if there are more pics than usual – well, I already am indecisive and when it comes to the family, well I really can’t choose my favorites!

Aside from the fact that I grew up spending a lot of time with these particular cousins, Cailee is especially close to us having lived with us for a year until sometime in the past year or so.  Her & Daniel are really close to my littlest – Azlin, and she is especially sad to see her “Kay-Kay” go.

Cailee’s dress overlooking the water, what an awesome view huh?!

Azlin’s dress for her big debut as Flower Girl

Azlin getting prettied up by Aunt Corbi:

Cailee getting all prettied up, Maybe it’s Maybelline?
(See… I just can’t help myself lol)

I love this picture, I walked in the room & they were already looking out the window, unprompted.  It nearly made me tear up!  But this really shows her close relationship with Azlin.
This is perhaps my favorite picture, and for sure the one I’ll be hanging in my house:

And here’s my indecisiveness showing again:

Now, if it seems like there’s a lot of Azlin, thats because Azlin wouldn’t leave Cailee’s side… I swear Cailee is like a second mom to her!

Well… except when she was with Daniel:

A perfect day:

And this is what flower girls are for:

This was the flower girl figuring out how she could get creative on the aisle:

The Ring Bearer, my other child:

This isn’t one you see often, so I thought I’d post it – the mother & father of the bride:

Another little guest:

And… The End.


One comment

  1. What a great album of photo’s. It makes wedding photography worth it. Great Photo’s

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