November 17, 2008

Christmas is nearly here!  And just in time for Christmas we have… ta-daaaaaaa… Christmas cards!

Unfortunately, nearly all my dates are full between now & the deadline to order Christmas cards… but I am going to offer a special “Christmas Portrait” session – a “quickie” session, either color or B&W – just one setting, no clothing changes, for the sole purpose of Christmas cards.  Sessions are limited, so if you need one – get in now!

Cards come in packages of 25, and start at $50/set.  Of course, the more you buy, the more the prices go down.  Currently, until December 1st, if you place your order now, you get 50 cards for $85, and if you buy 75 cards for $150, you get an additional 25 for free – so 100 cards for $150!

And for a VERY limited time – I am stressing VERY limited time! – you get a FREE quickie Christmas sitting with your order!  This is a no travel special – so you must be willing to come my way, and times will be limited.  So if you need a family Christmas shot, and you want it FO’ FREE – and you’re willing to make it quick, then call or email ASAP.  You pick out the template, we set up the date/time, and they will be ready to proof in shorter than usual times – you’ll get 3 – 5 poses to choose from & your order will be placed ASAP.

Speaking of templates, here are a sampling of the Christmas card templates:

(I know these aren’t huge samples, but there’s not enough space to load them all.)

If you’d like to see a more complete collection – hold on, I’ll have a link for you soon!


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  1. I want one! Sign me up

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