My Wish List

December 4, 2008

We all have a Christmas Wish List right?  Well, in case you were feeling exceptionally generous (or in case my husband, mother, or some other random relative are reading), here is this Photog’s Christmas Wish List for this year… it’s not much… really!  (Pics coming soon b/c I’m visual like that)

Wish List

http://tracyjoy.com/reese/ with Pink Amy Insert in black or brown

http://tracyjoy.com/kristine/ in black with Platinum fabric


Fabric of course depending on my bag, but I like the whimsical floral, and of course the Ooh-La-Dot (who can resist Polka Dots!)

Or if you’re feeling particularly generous:


with a cover in either Baroque, Splendid, Regal, Lively, Hot, Effervescent, or Festive patterns!

Of course, upgrading to CS4 is definitely on my list, but not until I get the MacBook Pro on my list! MUST. WORK. MORE. (On the go).

Also on my list is the coveted 85 mm – I could live happily with the 1.8 but I think the 1.2 would be so fantastical! (Is that a word?!) I’m sure there’s a 1.4 out there that’s a nice compromise!

And finally, (for now), an Expodisk! So I can have beautifully perfectly white balanced pictures and save a few minutes in Photoshop!


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