Moon Me!

December 12, 2008

Not literally, please!

Tonight is the Biggest Brightest Full Moon in 15 years!

Yep, you heard that right… a photographers dream – so bundle up, step outside & enjoy! I’ll be taking (and posting) pics! I’ll need to dig out & dust off my tripod (because I use it far less than I should).


If you miss it – so sorry, Charlie. You won’t get a chance again until 2016!

Other cool things as a result:
• Britain will have the benefit of the phenomenon of seeing a Moon Illusion – as the moon rises in the late afternoon, it will appear even larger as it lies in the horizon. It looks really awesome!
• Because of the moon’s unusually close proximity, it will have a slightly stronger gravitational pull, resulting in a slightly higher tide than usual for a full moon – possibly resulting in some flooding along parts of the south-west coast.
• Apparantly the strong tide pull is also putting parts of California on an earth-quake watch! Who knew?!
• It will rise to its greatest hight in the night sky – being almost straight overhead right at midnight.
• This is because it also aligns so closely with the Winter Solstice, on December 21st! And also b/c, thanks to the Earth’s tilt, the sun will be at it’s lowest!
• Bonus treats: We may have the benefit of the Geminid meteor shower the next two nights! With up to 100 meteors/hour flying across the sky, this SCREAMS really long shutter speeds for cool photos… we’ll see how successful I am (and hope for clear skies!).
• Tip – Because it’s such a bright, full moon, though – look away from the moon to see the meteors!

Enjoy! *(And in case you can’t tell, this totally satisfies my hippy-nerdy side! Not everyone has one you know?!)


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