A little Peek…

December 18, 2008

At one of my assistant’s and her family.  Shay has the wonderful duty as my friend of being my assistant from time to time & lugging around all the crap I love to carry!  Oh, and she keeps me organized… a tough job!

But, then one foggy almost-Christmas Day, we headed out to the beach in hopes of catching some Christmas Pics… the Girls were more interested in playing (which is pretty typical of kids, I’d say), but the beach made for a beautiful watercolor-esque backdrop!

Shay & her gang are Alaskan girls, so you’d think they’d have been loving it up at the beach in December with low-60ish degree weather… but Florida-ness has taken over their system & reset their knobs, so they froze like the rest of us Floridians!

Here’s just a quick peek:

Check out this jellyfish… it’s official… wierd creatures show up everywhere I go!

Check out this Elvis ‘do…

No, really… it’s actually getting quite long, evidenced by the fact that there is any to be wind-blown.  She had *the* most awesome hair do EVER quite naturally until big sis (as seen up there in pic #1) decided she really really needed a hair cut!

Ok, now back to your regularly scheduled programming, and back to intense editing & Christmas Card order finalizing for me.  It’s a mad dash lately!


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  1. Those are some good looking kiddos!

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