Total Freak Out

December 18, 2008

Ok, I’m having a total freakout moment… and just wanted to issue this little bulletin for a few reasons…
First, if you try to reach me tomorrow, unfortunately I will be largely unavailable… I am currently in the thralls of trying to untangle a mess with my check card, which apparantly was stolen(?) or duplicated. I have NO Idea what is going on – only that $1400.00 was withdrawn from my business account in downtown Jacksonville, Fl. Unfortunately, this is also tied to my personal accounts, so what money that was not available in my business account is likely going to be flowing out of my personal account (possibly). I’m hoping I caught it in time, but we’ll see. OMG, I think I’m going to THROW UP.

Second – There seems to be an issue with Bank of America – I thank them for being so kind & helpful over the phone – but apparantly there is evidence of more than one card floating around of mine, and I have only ever been issued one card. They even have different expirations, and apparantly *my* card that I’ve been using since I opened the account is NOT the one with the legal expiration date.
So – my advice to you – SECURE your cards, ensure you have fraud protection, and make sure you NEVER give your PINS! I haven’t given my PIN out, but this card was used without any problems whatsoever, the right pin the very first time. Did I mention I am totally freaking out?!
Finally – if whoever has my damn card decided to come peek at my blog… I have some choice words right now & I just hope youre totally destitute & really need the money more than me and that you have 8 kids who are starving & this is why. Otherwise, I am really totally pissed off. If it’s some scrawny little college drop out or bum, what a really (pardon my language) SHITTY thing to do at Christmas.

Sigh… signing off to go worry my husband to death….


One comment

  1. OMG!!! I can’t believe that happened to you! I hope it gets resolved soon!!!

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