Maitlin & Matt

January 10, 2009

You should recognize Maitlin from our bridal shoot we did not so long ago!

Nonetheless, it was still close enough to Christmas to enjoy the beauty of Poinsettas & the sparkle of a Christmas tree.  And we had a gorgeous backdrop – our very own local little Bed & Breakfast:  Aunt Martha’s! (http://www.auntmarthasbedandbreakfast.com/).

So, here we go… a little sneak preview of Matt & Maitlin’s special day!  And as you’ll see, I have an unusual affinity for Christmas, probably more than any adult should!

So let’s get started, shall we?

I really loved her dress & shoes, simple yet elegant…

And this has to be one of my favorite photos.  I love everything about this picture, the dress, the light, the windows…

One thing I loved about this wedding was that all the family, bridal party, etc left us there at the B&B, to get some shots, and Maitlin & Matt were able to relax & enjoy each other with the most beautiful sunset just before the ceremony…

Now… one little thing I’d like to throw in… how cool is it that the pianist at the wedding was one of my son’s most absolute favorite teachers!  Granted, he’s only in 4th grade, but this was his K-3 teacher, Mrs. Monnin from Calvary Preschool – he absolutely adored her!

There was a lot of great music, including local jazz musician Michael J. Thomas.

And check this out… Sheena, one of my assistant photographers, stumbled upon these awesome little bag tags!  Just to set them off on the right foot & clear any confusion about who is ALWAYS Right!


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