Ooh, one more thing!

January 12, 2009

The new prices are up, and I have a few more dates to update on the calendar, so while my availability calendar is *mostly* up to date, there are a few dates that might very well be taken even if they’re showing as available.

And, a few other little changes (which will reflect on the website soon):

  • Wedding of the Quarter starting soon – the wedding chosen will be featured in a special gallery and will stay up for a full quarter, and will receive an awesome little incentive.  Feel free to bribe me with chocolate.   🙂
  • I will be changing my studio hours and will no longer be booking Sunday sessions until further notice… ok, except in extreme circumstances, and “emergencies” (not sure what would constitute a photographic emergency, but I’m open to anything).  Hey – a lady has to sleep.  And edit.  And really, they go hand in hand quite nicely.  And once I do start booking Sunday sessions again, I’ll be picking some other random day to take off.  C’mon – it’s just one day a week, folks!
  • I’ll be introducing a new look on the blog
  • And finally – one big surprise at the end of it all.  Aw, come on – you didn’t really expect me to spill ALL the beans did you?!

One comment

  1. I want to know the beans!! Hey, did you ever announce the winner for the Lefty Contest back in August? I think I must’ve missed that. Cheerio!

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