Please excuse us while we interrupt this broadcast…

January 12, 2009

Well, it appears that my site has gone *poof* into never never land.  I logged in to make some changes, only to find out the site was gone, gone, gone.  They swear there’s nothing wrong with the servers, that the files are just *gone*.  I checked my FTP log – no trace of said missing files (in case they were inadvertantly moved, or walked off, who knows).  I have NO clue what happened, but I’m working with my hosting company to get it resolved soon.  Keep your fingers crossed that they do backups as regularly as they say they do (they say they do daily – and if so, we’re in good shape).

So – pardon the mess while we remodel – this isn’t quite the overhaul I was planning but hopefully we’ll come out of this better off!


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