Gulf Coast Bridal Faire Discount!

January 19, 2009

Thanks so much to all the brides-to-be, grooms-to-be, mothers of the brides, and everyone else that stopped by our booth!  We had a great time, gave away about a dozen free sessions, and stayed SLAMMED almost the entire time!    We actually booked a couple of weddings there, and talked to a lot of other vendors, and some really awesome brides, so I consider it a huge success!

As a special thank you, we are also taking 10% off our current prices for anyone that books their wedding date by the end of this month.  You don’t have long, so book now.  I’m updating my calendar at the moment so it should reflect my most current availability.  (And unfortunately if you’re booking for June – the entire month is booked!  I do still have a lot of dates in September & October open but those are usually the first to go!).

I’ll be adding some segments over the next couple days too so if you notice a sudden change in appearance, fear not… I am just doing a little updating with the blog & site!

So again, thank you to everyone who stopped by & we look forward to talking more with you!  Give us a call & we’ll gladly schedule a consult to discuss the details of your big day!

Oh, and of course, pics coming soon!

Bella V.


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