About. Ahhh, about me! Not a whole lot to write here, I think its pretty self explanatory. I’m a photographer. I am a software engineer. How art and engineering ever merged, don’t ask me – they certainly do NOT go together! Ah well – tis the story of my life!

Anyways – I’m Angela, mother of two beautiful children (and yes, I’m completely biased). And lucky me, they’re both photogenic! I’m not saying they LIKE having their pictures taken, but they take good pictures!  Were also pretty lucky to leave near the beautiful beaches of Destin, Florida – as a Destin Photographer I’ve got possibly one of the most beautiful backdrops practically right outside my back door.  We’re pretty much home to the “Destination” wedding (get it?  Destin-ation lol), so beach weddings keep me busy.  I have zero room to complain though – doing what I love – on the beach.  What more could a girl ask for?!

I like all things unusual – unusual music, unusual art, unusual photographs, although I’m not so sure I’m a fan of unusual food! I’m a thai food junkie, and a huge fan of red wine! Ironically enough, I am not so keen on spicy foods, although I love lime on everything! I’m a Florida girl through and through, so I despise weather below 60 degrees! I’m pretty driven, energetic, and thrive best under pressure! Thats the Taurus in me!

I think that about sums it up, so enough of me, and lets get on with this blog!


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  1. Love you website and your photography! Too bad I live in Utah, I would love for you to be my family photographer! Good luck with everything,

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