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Tuggle-Harris Wedding

August 30, 2008

This is a very very small sneak preview – I normally don’t get these up & to preview this quickly, but I also don’t normally get home this early either!  This wedding was today in Crestview at the First Baptist Church and it was absolutely beautiful!  Samantha was absolutely STUNNING (albeit nervous!).  Really, though – she was a gorgeous bride.  This is one of the first weddings I’ve really cried at in a while!  Casey, from Felicity Flair, was the wedding coordinator & really did a great job pulling everything together & helping keep everyone on track.  And of course she did an awesome job decorating to make it beautiful!

Anyways – it was a ton of fun… Chris & Samantha are apparantly high school sweethearts, and they have a really fun group of friends.  Her mom was a riot, but Little Kylie (hope I’m spelling it right) was the star of the reception with her “Apple Bottom Jeans” dance.  Here is Ms. Shorty herself, the whole place was looking at her…

she hit the floor…

and next thing you know…

shorty got “low, low, low, low”.

Anyways – here are just a few of the Bride & Groom, Samantha & Chris:

Ok – so more are coming soon, stay tuned!!!


Markie & Aaron Engagement Session

August 17, 2008

Well, this is one of many that will be coming through the flood gates!  I’ve been lucky to be busy – but it’s also my downfall at the moment!  I no sooner edit a batch, and I have 2 new photoshoots!  lol.

Anyways – Markie & Aaron were in town on a speedy weekend, planning their wedding, and seeing the town (ok, probably less seeing and more planning from the sounds of it).  We got caught in the rain the first day, so this is actually “take two”!  It was morning time, which in Florida weather translates into “hotter than hades”, but I thought we fared pretty well considering!

So, here’s just a little sneak peek, before I wrap up editing & then it’s not a sneak peek anymore 😉  I had a really hard time picking my favorites, but here goes.  And yeah… the watermarks are a new thing, but I’ll make a prettier one in the future I promise 😉

Of course, it’s not complete without showing the rock 🙂

More later!  LOTS more!


Guatemalan Princess – Celebrating Adoption

July 28, 2008

I am so eager to finish the editing on these, sweet little Cara was so much fun & what an adventure our shoot was! it was on my shoot with Cara that we meet Mr. Lubber the Grasshopper out at Eden State Gardens (past Destin & Sandestin but not quite to Panama City and just across 98 from where Alys Beach is).

But, I will say – Cara gave us all a run for our money – and I do mean RUN. Mostly, this is what I saw for the majority of our shoot:

Yep, that’s right – the tail end of Cara. She was on a mission, and she was FAST! But, luckily I’ve been trained by my two little ones & I can book it! So off I went, chasing Cara around:

Oh, and I just have to post these. Not only did Cara collect sticks, pinecones, and pretty much everything and anything else that wasn’t firmly planted & rooted into the ground (she even tried to catch a fish!), she loved to smell things. I am always amazed watching kids explore the world, and I always try to think about how they must see it from their perspective. Only kids can inhale, smell & actually appreciate the smell of a pinecone & smell a flower 20 times over & never grow tired:

Or – also in Cara’s case – climb the stairs of the porch at Eden State Gardens 1,743 times and never once grow bored!

Oh, and I just had to post this one – I’m not sure why I like it so much – because I’m not quite sure if it shows just how big the tree is or just how little Cara is – maybe a little of both:

But as Cara’s mother says, she is in fact, a little Guatemalan Princess – or doll, take your pick!

Thanks for being so much fun, Cara!


That Son-of-a-… I mean… Southern Lubber

July 28, 2008

So – I had to share this all on it’s own, because it certainly is worthy of it. Meet my new friend: Southern Lubber. I had to look it up, and this is what I believe is commonly referred to as a Southern Lubber Grasshopper, or if you’re actually from the south, you just call it a “Big Ass Grasshopper”:

Get close – does he not look like he’s talking!? I swear he’s saying “What YOU doing on my walkway?!” Make no mistake, if he looks small it’s b/c you *think* he’s small – but he’s as long as a brick is wide. Hes HUGE in other words. He was as long as my foot was wide. And I know this because HE stepped on ME.

Gosh, I just can’t get enough of this big fella. I mean, I’m sure in some country somewhere, this is like a TBone Steak size grasshopper! (Which, BTW, I actually have eaten chocolate covered grasshoppers before, ewwww. And NO they’re NOT good!)

Ok, ok, last one… I promise, then we can go back to business as usual:

Ok, so to *me* it looks like he’s just talking in one pic, and he’s screaming in another. Apparantly, my friends disagree & they say that’s a clue I’m under far too much stress when I imagine bugs yelling at me. *shrug*
But – I do admit, I failed to get a picture of the black widow we found on our window (don’t worry – she was on the outside & I didn’t smash the window to pieces).


Jennifer & David

July 27, 2008

Well after at least 3 or 4 (or 5 or 6) reschedules due to weather & rain & lightening & you name it – we FINALLY got out to get this engagement shoot! I was so glad too, because we had a lot of fun. David was a little camera shy (or at least he claimed to be, but turned out to be a ham for the camera). All in all, I think we had a blast & it really has me looking forward to the wedding coming up! Time is flying so fast, I’m fully expecting to wake up tomorrow & realize it’s fall already!

What I love about this couple is David is clearly smitten with Jennifer, and the cutest part of all is he was like a school boy jumping for joy every time he got to kiss her!

And finally, the sunset we waited so patiently for. After weekend after weekend after weekend of rain, rain, and more rain, it really was worth the wait & quite a beautiful ending…


More Tani & Brayden

July 15, 2008

Ok, I’m having withdrawels from WordPress, so you’ll have to excuse me – but before I post the others, I had to show you guys these up close ones – they just make me melt!


Tani & Brayden;

July 15, 2008

Here’s an update/sneak peek as I upload all the pictures from this session just a couple weeks ago.View this Post Tani & Brayden were absolute dolls. They’re not twins, just really close in age, adopted from Russia. They were such fun, and while I normally would post some really sweet & sentimental pictures, I’m gonna break the mold today. Why, you ask? Well, because while Tani & Brayden were certainly sweet, they were two of the funniest kids you’ll ever meet! Now, Brayden was a little sweetheart, he will certainly be a little ladies man before too long – but Tani reminds me of my daughter. She wears the pants for sure, and has the funniest & goofiest little personality. The world is her stage for sure! Here is a sneak peek of what it’s like to hang around Tani for a bit:

Yes, they’re definitely two peas in a pod!

And heres a picture that normally wouldn’t have made it through the editing process, but considering Tani’s face, well who can resist…

My littlest, Azlin, often sits on my lap as I edit photos late in the evening, and she saw this and giggled her little behind off. All she kept saying was “Baby punny mommy, baby sooooo punny”.

(For those not accustomed to little ones – punny is toddler-speak for funny!)

Ok, now in all seriousness… I can’t just post these without at least a few of the sweet sentimental ones!

In Beautiful Alys Beach:

Who can resist baby feet:

Ok, More coming soon with a sneak peek of them playing in the park & on the big winding hill!